Commercial Roofing Installation Mistakes

Commercial Roofing Installation Mistakes

Toronto flat roofers are well-positioned to provide the kind of solutions that can only be provided by professional commercial roofing. It is tempting to try to find solutions that don’t cost thousands of dollars to save on repairs. However, this is not worth it. To extend the life of your roofing system, it is best to hire an expert for problems such as leak repair.

Not Hiring Professional Roofing Contractors Is a Mistake

The single greatest error a building owner can make when assessing roof issues is to hire unqualified people for the job. Experts with years of experience are best suited to perform the work needed to replace or fix a roof. Their name is their brand. To protect their reputation, it is important to develop best-in-class solutions. Your building is a valuable asset that deserves to be protected. You need licensed and insured roofing contractors. Remember that every roof is different, and the expertise a professional commercial roofing contractor brings is worth the price.

Roof Nailing Done Incorrectly

The nailing is a vital part of the job when installing a roof or repairing one. A roofer who is inexperienced may use fewer fasteners or miss a few nails to save money. This may seem like a minor issue, but the problem is already brewing. The situation can lead to structural deficiencies that will require a roof replacement, even down to the trusses. When you hire unqualified professionals, there are a number of nailing problems. These include but are not limited to under-driven, exposed, high, and overdriven. Leaks can occur in any building. One way to do this is by leaving holes in nails.

Commercial Roofing Installation Mistakes

Leak Barriers Are Not Required to Leave the Roof

Flashings can prevent water from entering through chimneys or other openings. Some roofers cut corners by not installing flashings. This leaves the roofing systems susceptible to leaks, animal infestation, and debris.

Lack of Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the property manager or owner to perform regular roof maintenance twice a year. This includes an inspection in spring and fall. Regular inspections will allow you to identify any roofing issues before they become a problem. This is important when you are dealing with a large investment such as a commercial building. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your roof and reduce replacement costs.

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